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AEDs & STB Kits



When in a dire situation of life and death due to a sudden cardiac arrest, giving proper and correct CPR means everything. Only about 50% of sudden cardiac arrest victims will require a shock, and the rest will need effective and efficient CPR.  This is where the Zoll AED Plus excels and will make sure the user is giving high-quality CPR.  The Zoll AED Plus will monitor the user's CPR and give audio feedback on how the user is performing. When the user is not pushing hard enough, the AED will tell them to push harder; when pushing hard enough, it will say "good compressions." This AED will even show the depth of each compression in real-time. This audio and visual assistance, along with a built-in metronome that will keep the user on the right pace, will be the key to making a successful rescue.  


  • AED uses consumer lithium batteries for inexpensive and easy replacement.

  • Uses a biphasic waveform.

  • This AED is also pediatric capable.

  • No need to fumble with two electrodes as the Zoll AED Plus uses a one piece system with two electrodes attached, making it easy to place on a victim.

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