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AEDs & STB Kits



From one of the trusted names in technology comes the Philips HearStartFRx AED. The HeartStartFRx AED is bringing innovation into the way sudden cardiac arrest treatment is administered.

With Philips SMART Pads II, there is no need to switch pads when dealing with an infant/child, simply inserting the infant/child key is all that is needed to switch the mode of the AED to infant/child mode. This feature saves precious seconds on having to administer therapy to younger victims.

The Philips HeartStartFRx AED has CPR coaching that reminds the rescuer of the basics of CPR for both adults and children. This gives the user the confidence to treat all types of victims by simply knowing in a hectic situation; there will be a helping hand to guide them through the process.


  • This AED is extremely rugged, being able the withstand jetting water, drops from up to one meter onto concrete, and loads up to 500 lbs.

  • Designed to only deliver a shock when the victim actually needs it by being able to read the victim's heart rhythm.

  • Very fast at delivering a shock after CPR.

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