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Your organization should start with a risk assessment, then create plans for employees to evacuate, shelter in place, and lockdown in response to those risks.But emergency plans won't be beneficial unless your employees have had a chance to really internalize them, and that requires practice.

Really put your plans to the test with effective emergency drills that employ the following four tactics.

1. Choose a drill interval and stick to it (monthly, quarterly, biannually)

2. Keep emergency drills unannounced

3. Add some unexpected elements (block some exits with cones or signs)

4. Establish success metrics (evacuation time, headcount procedure, communication, employee response, etc.)

Celtic Rhythm CPR can help you plan and execute mock Evacuation Drills and evaluate your current emergency plan and SOP for effectiveness.

These courses are specifically tailored to your organizational needs.
Contact us for more information about scheduling and pricing for these training courses.

Prices subject to change per AHA or Training Site changes.

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