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This is a 3-hour training program for potential teenage (aged 12 years and older) babysitters. The Babysitter Certification class provides pediatric first aid training, household safety, and the fundamentals of childcare. This course also helps prepare children to interview for a babysitting job, select safe and suitable games and activities, prevent accidents, perform basic first aid, and begin babysitting safely and competently. Topics covered include: feeding, burping a baby, spoon-feeding, crying, preparing for bed, behavioral problems, recognizing an emergency, having an emergency plan, and creating a contact list.

Babysitter Certification - $50

Babysitter & CPR Certification - $110

**Please note the Babysitter course curriculum does not certify your child in CPR and first aid. If you are interested, we are now offering an extended course to include Heartsaver CPR/AED and First Aid certification. The extended course is 4 hours and is $110 per child. Please contact us at (617) 842-1579 or via email at for questions and additional information.**

Prices subject to change per AHA or Training Site changes.

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