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An active shooter is defined as an individual who is actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in various settings. In most cases, active shooters use a firearm(s) and display no pattern or method for the selection of their victims. In some cases, active shooters use other weapons and/or improvised explosive devices to cause additional victims and act as an impediment to police and emergency responders.


When it comes to a violent critical incident, being able to respond quickly and with confidence is vital to saving lives. Celtic Rhythm CPR will train you not only how to react in a violent situation but also emergency response bleeding control tactics. Our live scenario training simulates a typical encounter to help students retain what they've learned.


Markets Served:

  • Corporations

  • Education

  • Places of Worship

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Entertainment Venues


These courses are specifically tailored to your organizational needs.

Contact us for more information about scheduling and pricing for these training courses.

Prices subject to change per AHA or Training Site changes.

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